Recently, Pokémon Go has taken over the minds of humans, forcing them to actually get outside and walk.. Developed by Niantic, and using concepts from Ingress, the Augmented Reality

videogame for Smartphones has taken the world by storm.

However, some people have found strange findings in the game, thay may seem rather peculiar. As you read the title of the blog post, expecting some North Korea incident, I will please you and begin with that first.

Panmunjom Gym

Along the Korean Demilitarized Zone, created to separate two bitter rivals, the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (North Korea) and the Republic of Korea (South Korea) from each other, a gym has been spotted in the village of Panmunjom. The village has only one building left standing, where the Korean Peace Treaty was signed.

The gym was found after the city of Sockho in South Korea (Where the game hasnt been officially released) was mistakenly classed as part of Niantics North Korea Mapping Area, thus allowing the game to be played. It is probably likely that trying to claim that North Korean Gym would probably result in someone getting killed.

The Panmunjom Gym was eventually removed from the game, obvious reasons.

Findings at Area 51

Around one of the most heavily guarded military bases in the world, situated in Nevada, have been some findings in the game along the Extraterrestrial Highway. Pokestops and Gyms have been found at abandoned Gas Stations and Wall Murals across the area. Of course, in the actual perimeter of the base, all mobile signal gets killed, but if this is the case, you have went too far.

It is highly advised against searching here, lest you wish for an Alien/Military guy to kill you.

Bosnian Minefields

In the 1990's, Bosnia became embroiled in a War, that led parts of the country to be littered with minefields, with many still existing today. Signs can be found warning of the dangers of the minefields.

Posavina Bez Mina, a Bosnian Demining Charity has stated it has recieved reports that players of the game have wandered into high-risk areas for mines.

Auschwitz-Birkenau Holocaust Museum

Complaints about 'Poison Gas Pokemon', such as Koffing being spotted in Holocaust Museums have been made. While it is understandable why this will cause offence, what I want to know is why people are playing Pokemon Go in Holocaust Memorials in the first place.

Saudi Arabian Fatwa

Saudi Arabia has previously had issues with the franchise in 2001. Recently, the Middle Eastern Kingdom has extended the ban to the mobile game, claiming it is a form of gambling.

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