In my previous post, we looked at strangely placed Pokéstops and Gyms, ranging from places like Area 51, to Bosnian Minefields, to Holocaust Memorials and the Korean Demilitarized Zone. Today, we look at slightly stranger ones that made me thing "why..."

Invisible Playground

Yes, you read this correctly, there is a stop at a location named Invisible Playground. The description of the Pokéstop says Rumor is the playground disappeared in a flash. The image simply displays a slightly wooded area with a sign.

Sidney Defense Against Zombie Apocalypse

Unfortunately for sane people, this isnt fake. With the description Army retired it, a small artillery gun fixed onto a stone plate in a field has been given this bizarre name. 

Cross Guy 

A statue of Jesus on a Cross, named as Cross Guy with the description of Statue on the South Side of Church joins VideoPedias Collection of Oddities. Why it is called Cross Guy, nobody knows, and probably never will.

I have an odd feeling these are portals left behind from Ingress, the predecessor to this game.

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