Controversial Games?

    March 27, 2017 by THFPVG

    Many are saying that games like GTA are "bad for kids" and are "teaching them bad things". Well, while that is true, we don't need to blame the game. We need to blame the individuals playing the game.

    As humans, we choose what we do. We can choose to kill, to eat, or even to try and lose weight. Saying that it's the game's fault is like saying that the TV is directly resposible for causing terrorist attacks. It's not.

    As a gamer, you have the liberty to choose what games you play. You alos have the liberty to choose what you take from that game. A 12-year old (hopefully) knows that what the main character is doing is wrong. We need to stop libing in the fantasy world that we have isolated ourselves in and wake up to the reality on the front do…

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